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«Business Engineering Kazakhstan» offers several types of vehicle monitoring systems:

Fatigue detection system

The Non-Sleep system refers to safety management systems for technological transport and is designed to warn the vehicle operator about the dangerous development of fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel. The main task for solving this system is to increase the security level of vehicle management.

Fatigue detection system

Key features:

  • Detection of a person by the retina of the eye, the position of the head, body, as well as facial expressions and the behavior of the operator;
  • Recognition of foreign objects while driving (cigarettes, headphones, cell phone)
  • The ability of the system to work with people wearing glasses (for vision or sunglasses).
  • The ability to detect by the mindlessness indicator (distraction)
  • Presence of visual and audible alarms
  • The exact definition of sudden falling asleep, as well as the definition of the absence of loss of reason and a state of absent-mindedness
  • The system distinguishes between the real dose of fatigue and eliminates a false warning.
Fatigue detection system
Video surveillance on transport

Cameras installed around the perimeter of the transport provide visibility of the “blind spots” thereby ensuring the safe movement of transport;

  • The rear view camera is designed for a good view and control of reversing;
  • The camera in the course of movement allows you to monitor and review what is happening in the course of movement, as well as covering blind spots on transport;
  • Blind spot coverage camera, designed for blind spot visibility and safe movement;
Video surveillance on transport

BEK - Solution Of Non-Standard Tasks

The company Business Engineering Kazakhstan has been successfully implementing vehicle monitoring projects, as well as providing technical support since 2012. During this period, the Company has accumulated extensive experience working with transport monitoring systems.The goal of our company is to solve all kinds of problems of our Customers.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick and clear answers to the most common queries here.

The cost of equipment?

The cost of the equipment depends on the customer's task and the selection of equipment for its solution.

What is the effectiveness of the FCMS project?

The first effect of the implementation of this project can be obtained after a week of its operation, thanks to the accuracy of providing analytical reports.

How does the system work if there is no connection?

Our equipment allows you to record information for more than 2 weeks, and at the first successful connection transmits it to the server